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The Northside Table Tennis Club is an attractive, low cost sports club opened Wednesday from 6:00 to 9:15 with 15 professional Joola tables. This club offers a rare combination of recreational fun, friendship, camaraderie, competition, aerobic exercise, physical and mental conditioning and improved hand-eye coordination, all this in an spacious indoor climate controlled environment.


Training and coaching is available for the novice/beginner and also the intermediate player seeking improved skills. Players can pursue the sport of table tennis at many levels. Based on their needs, Denver Northside Table Tennis can help with development.

About Us


Most nights at the club are reserved for open play: To challenge a table,  players must wait for the appropriate time between points or games and place their blade on the side of the table and tell the players you want to play next.


Players at each table have 3 minutes for warmups, and then play best of 5 match or best of 3 to (11 point games). The winner generally stays at the table, and the loser may place their paddle again. However, you can always ask your opponent to practice with you for 15 minutes and then leave the table. This way you can learn more from the higher level players and you can ask questions. Please be prepared to get a lot of comments since good Table Tennis requires a lot of instructions so try not to get overwhelmed and take it one step at a time.


We use 40+mm 3 star white or orange balls and try to follow all USATT rules and guidelines. Most players have their own equipment, but we have a few club paddles that can be borrowed for those who don't.


We will host "sanctioned/non-sanctioned" tournaments. Membership in the national organization (USATT) and entry fees are required for play in sanctioned tournaments - these are where new players obtain their rating, and the ratings of already rated players are adjusted based on win/loss record. Non-sanctioned tournaments do not require membership. We may also have occasional "club" RR tournaments (where USATT membership is not required and no rating points are exchanged). 


When sufficient interest warrants, we may hold mini-training classes for new players. If you have questions please click Send Message.

Basic Club Rules
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